Zmodo Wireless Security Camera

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System- 4 Pack

It is never wrong to invest in a wireless security camera system. This was never been more true than today. Not too long ago security systems (and especially night-vision cameras) have been a privilege only the richest could afford. Yes, rich people are targets of thieves, but that does not mean us, ordinary people don’t need security in our homes. Thankfully, with the technology advancing so rapidly, even the regular worker can afford an advanced security system.

We present you Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System- 4 Pack, an affordable, featured packed and easy-to-use surveillance system.

A wireless camera system

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security is a whole system of four cameras (you can upgrade with more units). This makes it ideal for covering the entire house, or one important room or area, from multiple angles.

The system is wireless, though that only means it doesn’t require an internet cable. You still have to plug cameras into the electrical socket. But, WiFi Internet connection means fewer wires around the house, which is good. Zmodo Smart Wireless Security uses only 2.4 GHz wireless connection, 5Ghz is not supported. Everything is streamed to the Zmodo Cloud and is encrypted by using 256-AES, the best available encryption. Zmodo also uses TLS, to further enhance your privacy. Servers are based in the USA.

wireless security camera

Key features

  • Excellent picture quality- both day and night. IP65 Waterproof cameras have  2.8 mm lenses, with an 81-degree view angle. They are also able to record at night, up to 65ft. Picture quality is HD, 720p.
  • Multi-platform support -Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System is available on different platforms. You can use the web-based app, or smartphone/tablet Android and iOS apps. You must use a mobile app for the initial installation process.
  • Plug-and-play- The best thing about Zmodo is its simplicity- you only need to power the cameras on, download the desired app, and it’s ready- one-click installation will take care of the rest.
  • Cloud-based- Mobile apps work really good- you can access the live-stream at any time, or view the recordings on the cloud. Recordings are kept for 36 hours, with the option to expand this to 7 days for a small fee. New users get a free, 30 day trial period of the seven-day cloud recording plan.
  • Motion detection- Another cool feature Zmodo Mobile apps have is the motion-alert system. If the camera detects movement, you will get a notification. And about the motion detection system- this model has improved it significantly, and now you can set the detection zones yourself. Narrowing the zone will substantially reduce false alerts.
  • Night vision- Zmodo Cameras have a night-vision IR smart system. The system is “smart” because it detects low light by itself, switching to night vision. You can adjust the sensitivity in the app settings
  • Accessible from different platforms and accounts- you can create separate accounts for your loved ones, making the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System an ideal solution for the whole family. They too will be able to receive motion alerts, live stream, or access the cloud recordings.
  • If you want to improve your home security even further, consider Zmodo Beam and Sensors.


Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System- 4 Pack is an affordable home surveillance system that has excellent value for money. For a reasonable price, you will get a complete system that will boost your home’s security tremendously. Motion detection alerts, night vision, and high definition pictures are features that can be found on surveillance systems that cost five times as much. So invest into home security, that is never a waste of money. And besides, thieves are trained to look for cameras, and they are much less likely to target houses with camera systems like Zmodo in the first place. Better to be safe than sorry!

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera










          • Night Vision
          • Excellent Picture Quality
          • Cloud Based
          • Motion Detection
          • Fair Price


          • Not Hooked Up To Alarm System

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