How to Plan a Great Road Trip

A good ole roadie can be an amazing way to see tourist attractions and scenery while spending valuable time with friends and loved ones. It could also be a disaster that must be avoided. For a road trip to be fun and memorable you have to plan carefully. Otherwise, you could find that a road trip is just a longer and more difficult method of travel. A mode of transportation in which you’re stuck in the car with the same people for a very, very long time. Ensure your road trip will be a great one by planning ahead and making sure to find a bunch of cool things to check out along the way.

Map your route carefully, and double check your progress throughout the day to make sure you haven’t taken a wrong turn. Making stops along the way will give you chances to make sure you’re still on the right course. And more importantly it will give you a chance to stretch your legs, throw a frisbee, and get a little distance from your fellow passengers. Like in life; a little balance is needed to maintain sanity on the road. You want to plan for pit-stops, even if you don’t take them, as it’s better to be early than late. Account for dining and restroom breaks, resting and souvenir shopping, and social media photo opportunities. There will be plenty of things worth seeing along the way.

Enjoying a road trip means finding ways to keep the peace and entertain everyone who is along for the ride. This could be a challenge, especially when road-tripping with children or a large number of your closest. Some distractions may be needed for children, such as portable game systems, books, drawing pads or tablets. Ask everyone to bring along their favorite music and take turns being the DJ. Maybe even play popular driving games, such as eye spy. While the views might be amazing, it doesn’t provide that constant entertainment needed on a long ass road trip.

Making sure that everyone is well fed and watered will keep most people happy. Also keep the gang comfy with blankets and pillows. Keeping comfortable is pretty essential on a roadie, regardless of the length. And having what you need to stay cozy is as easy as packing a cooler of sandwiches and drinks, a few bags of chips, some fresh fruit and veggies, and travel gear to keep you all warm and cuddled. When the troops are comfortable are less likely to be irritable.

Planning a road trip properly is simply acquiring the right supplies and considering all possibilities. You should have a spare tire ready, a jack, tire iron (or your AAA card and a boatload of patience), and the proper roadside equipment, such as flares and flashlights. Oh, and of course a first-aid kit, because lets remember; safety never goes on holiday.

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