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Your Safety Comes First!

Living in the concrete jungle without the GT Road Personal Alarm is not easy. It is always smart to take care of yourself; you never know who is up to no good. Let others call it paranoia, better to be safe than sorry.

But, you should not overreact. Protecting yourself is one thing, but jeopardizing everyone else is something else. Don’t go too far- 99.9% of the time, carrying a firearm in your purse is too much. God forbid you ever need to use it, even if you do carry it. With handguns, there is no going back, and you don’t need to fire it to cross the red line. Once you get it out, a mugger will fear for his life- that will probably result in doing something recklessly- most likely running, but also becoming ultra-aggressive.

Remember the old saying – “Don’t pull out your gun, unless you are prepared to use it!”. Are you, really? If we are talking about an assault, rape, or something that big- yes. But for a wallet? Kill a man? Not so sure. And, besides, in most parts of the world, you won’t be allowed to legally carry a pistol in your purse, anyway.

That is why you should consider non-lethal methods- pepper spray, tear gas, tasers are viable and will do the trick. But even those are not legal everywhere. And let’s face it, you are not going to kill anyone (most of the time) with a taser, but it is far from pleasant. And a simple “Sorry!” won’t do the trick after you tasered someone mistakenly, thinking you are getting attacked.

You need a safe, legal, but also powerful solution. A solution that will do its purpose- call for help, but won’t risk too much if you use it by mistake. Enter Personal Alarms.

Personal Alarm- safety device everyone should own

Most of the time, a simple warning, or cry for help will be enough- it will divert the attacker, and will attract the attention of people nearby. But, some of us freeze when panicking, and can’t rely on the strength of our own voices in hazardous situations. That is the reason why smart people invented personal alarms- fast and easy to use, ultra effective but discreet and legal ways to get help and warn the attackers, instantly.

We think we have the right personal alarm for you.

GT Road Personal Alarm

GT Road Personal Alarm- Loud, Discrete, Easy to Use

GT Road is one of the best personal alarms out there. This affordable alarm works well- emits a loud, unpleasant scream, which will definitely attract attention. And when we say loud, we mean it- 130 DB! This siren can be heard from afar- nearly 300 ft away.

This design is super simple, but practical- you can wear it on your purse, as a decoration, or as a keychain. Just make sure you carry it somewhere where it is easy to reach- we are talking about an emergency alarm, it wouldn’t be ideal if you had to dig through your purse or backpack while a felon is nearby. The alarm is activated by pulling off the hand strap. You silence it by returning the strap to the plug.

GT Road Personal Alarm has one more function- LED light. Remarkably useful if you carry your alarm on your keychain.  It will illuminate the keyhole, making it easy to reach. A welcome feature, helpful even during the “peacetime,” unlike the siren which hopefully you will never need to use.

GT Road Personal Alarm is valuable for anyone, but especially women, girls, and seniors. You can give it to your child too, just make sure it is handled properly- the siren is loud and awful, and it should never be used near ears! This alarm is perfect for night-joggers and lone walkers. It is also great for tourists- traditionally easy targets for thieves.

This alarm is powered by four, replaceable LR44 batteries which are quite long-lasting. They are included in the package. Also, the device has a 30-day money back guarantee. But trust us, you will only need to test it once- that abysmal scream will tell you all about its effectiveness, in 1 second. GT Road Personal Alarm is a perfect gift for your mother, sister or spouse.

Main features in a nutshell:

  • Loud- 130 DB: heard up to 300 ft away
  • Convenient- carry it on your keychain or as a purse decoration
  • LED flashlight- always useful
  • Long-lasting, replaceable batteries
  • 30-day guarantee


GT Personal Alarm

GT Personal Alarm










          • Heard up to 300 ft away
          • Convenient
          • LED Flashlight
          • Long Lasting
          • 30-Day Guarantee


          • Very Loud For Your Ears As Well

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